Second-Hand Sorting & Packing Line for Round Fruits

Technical Description

Second-hand Sorting and packing Line for round fruits such as citrus fruits, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, etc. The line is composed of a citrus feeding part, a stone fruits feeding part, the sizing and the packaging part. The Line remains in an Excellent Condition and can be released for the current owner within September of 2019.

Technical Features:

  1. Citrus Feeding
    • Automatic Box Dumper (Twist)
    • Discontinuous Bins Dumper
    • PVC Roller Conveyor
    • Conveyor Belt for 90° Turn
    • Stainless Steel Washing / Brushing / Pre Drying / Waxing Unit
    • Stainless Steel Drying Tunnel (With Hot Air Recirculation)
  2. Stone Fruits Feeding
    • Feeding Roller Conveyor
    • Washing / Brushing / Drying Unit with By-Pass
    • Pre-Aligning Conveyor Belt
    • Aligning Conveyor Belt
  3. Sizing & Packing
    • Electronic Cup Sizer (Longobardi) – 2 Lanes, 8+1 Exits
    • Two (2) Double Accumulating packing Belts with frontal support
    • Two (2) Double Rapid-Pack
    • Series of Distributing Conveyor Belts
    • Series of Return Conveyor Belts
    • Series of Chutes (Slides) for Feeding Empty Boxes from the mezzanine
    • Electric Main Board
    • Aluminium Cabin for the Main Board and the Main PC
    • Microtec Electronics

Price: 215.000,00 €, Ex-Works, Sofia – Bulgaria

Can Handle:
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