Mechanical Roller Sizer

Our Mechanical Roller Sizer provides accurate sizing for your products.

Technical Description

The machine is working with double rollers. The first roller is connected to the chain and rolls on a guide. The second one is mounted on the first roller, through a metal frame. In this way an adjustable gap is created between each couple and the adjacent. The space between the rollers is adjustable through special wheels, making it easy to set the desired diameter.

Technical Features:

  • The metal structure has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish

  • Set of galvanized rollers

  • Two (2) set of heavy loads endless chains (one on each side)

  • Two (2) series of ramps, on both sides, where the rollers travel on

  • Ergonomic size adjustment handles, located along one side of the Roller Sizer, for the easy grade adjustments during operation

  • Specially designed system, to properly rotate both roller of each couple

  • Main drive by means of proper gear motor and electronic speed variation (Inverter)

  • Food grade PVC conveyor belts suitable for the exit of the graded products

  • Main drive by means of proper gear motor, for each conveyor belt