Research & Development - Quality - After Sales Service

BELCA started the activity as a manufacturer of packaging machinery in January 1990.Until this day, BELCA has more than 35 years of professional background and extensive experience in the field of packaging. This great professional experience combined with their commitment to offer customers custom and advanced solutions through a wide range of top quality packaging machines and complemented all with the support of a effective and qualified after-sales service, has earned them the confidence of customers, placing Belca as a leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping machines.


The BELCA business model is based on constant innovation. Starting from a standard range of units, R & D develops new models continuously, adapted to every need.

BELCA have standard machines, but more than 60% of their production are units that have been built, starting from a base body, to respond to the particular Customer's need. Their Technical Office has always been characterized by the ability to develop specific solutions and design applications for each need. Belca does not sell standard machines. They offer effective solutions.

In BELCA they are aware that they are the last link in the production chain and therefore all packaging systems should always be in perfect conditions, as the complete production of every customer depends on this. That is why they offer a technical assistance that is professional, efficient and personalized, solving breakdowns quickly and efficiently.