Cascade Single Head Zig-Zag Big Bag Filler ZZ 100

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    The machine is suitable for filling various size of Big - Bag (Jumbo Bags) and pallet boxes (Bins), in an automatic mode. Suitable for products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and other hard root vegetables for filling Big - Bags and pallet boxes. The filling of bags or boxes is achieved in a very gentle & smooth way by preventing products hitting, through a filling system with plastic cascade lowers (Zig-Zag), controlled by photocell sensors.

    The bag is supported on four corner hooks. The cascade lowers into the bag, a sensor starts the feed, as the bag is filled the cascade retracts, when the bag is full the Elevator stops.

    Technical Features:

    • Metal structure which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish
    • Feeding Elevator, with food grade, PVC conveyor belt, specially designed for potatoes and onions
    • Electronic synchronization of the Feeding Elevator and the big –bag filling machine
    • Single cascade unit mounted on the frame of the feeding elevator
    • Main drive of  the Zig-Zag filling system, with a proper motor reducer
    • Special type sensor for controlling the filling rate, placed in the end of the vertical cascade system
    • As the big-bag or box is filled, the sensor reacts and activates the step by step wrapping of the cascade system
    • Electric control panel of the machine, with PLC control system
    • Automatic and manual operation mode
    • Optional: Electronic Weighing Scales






    Up to 10 Tons / Hour

    (Depending on the product, the type of container Boxes or Big Bags and the weight of them etc.)

    4.050 mm x 1.560 mm

    3.580 mm

    Can Handle:
    Category: Filling
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