Electronic Sizer

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  • Technical Description

    The Uni_One / Double electronic sorter is especially designed for companies of the fruit and vegetable sector that produce low & medium volumes.

    Technology: Cup transport system with weight selection. Working programs and exits set up is done by a user-friendly microcomputer (MIC).

    Gentleness: Smooth, gradual and without any jumps downloading system, which guarantees a soft processing of products. Fruits are unloaded directly on the packing bench in tilting tanks, which can regulate their inclination.

    Flexibility: The Sorter is able to sort a wide range of sub-spherical fruits & vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, Indian figs, peaches, kiwi, citrus, apples, pears, pomegranates etc.

    Economy: Simple and functional mechanical design allows extremely low maintenance costs.

    Technical Features:

    • Metal structure in electro-welded and powder coated steel with parts in contact with products in stainless steel AISI 304
    • Cups transport system with smooth side dumping system
    • Selection device for weight (accuracy: ± 1 g)
    • Double Singulation “V” belts system, for smooth alignment of the products before feeding the sorter
    • From 6 till 12 Exits for calibrated product
    • Motor drive by means of electronical speed variation (Inverter) for the Soft-Start of the transport system and for speed regulation
    • Series of devices for feeding and control of the electronic system
    • Central unit for exits programming by means of a mini computer

    Number of Lanes: 1 or 2 Lanes  

    Number of Exits: Up to 12 (Standard model with 5+1 Exits)

    Category: Sizing
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