More than 25 Years of Consequence & Dynamic Presence in the Fruits & Vegetables Sector

Since the establishment of the company, by Christos Karathanasis back in the 1995, Novatec is successfully growing, because of our capability to offer technically advanced solutions, engineered and manufactured based on the specific needs of each client.

The success of our company relies not only on the quality, reliability and the consistency of the equipment & machinery we produce but also on the professionalism, knowledge and experience of our staff. Our experienced, cooperative engineering team works diligently around the clock to perfect our high quality systems and can guarantee maximum quality and efficiency.

Our After-Sales Service is structured so that we can secure effectiveness and short response times. A high qualified team of technicians is always available to our customers to offer assistance and guidance, so that your investment is secure.

Today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Engineering is Elementary

The foundation of our organization is based on the Engineering & Manufacturing of high-quality machinery and systems, in order to improve and extend the business of our clients.

Our daily objective is to come up with the ideal concept and offer always the most functional, intelligent and efficient solution for each and every project we are involved.

Novatec provides robust, adaptable and effective post-harvest solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will serve the needs of our clients in the best possible way.

Our clients choose to work with us because of the proven technical integrity of our equipment, which is backed up by the deep understanding of the elementary and advanced engineering applied on each solution and the ongoing consistent service.


Consulting & Planning

For the development of the ideal technical solution for each project that we undertake, we work closely with our customer.

We devote time to understand their needs, their business procedures & structure, the unique characteristics of the fresh products they handle and the physical constrains of their territory.

This intensive interface with our clients allows us to benefit from their experience and helps us to optimize and tailor our solutions to their requirements and also to the demands of the market.

 To make this procedure effective we lie on the professionalism and the team work of our long-serving employees, who have developed along with the company, and our greatly motivated senior employees.

Our team is always available to provide customized, personal advice to our customers, and develop a “fresh” project for them in a consultative way. Novatec places particular emphasis on this procedure, so that we can guarantee the optimum result.  


Focus on Quality

Our solutions intend to improve the quality of work for our customers. In order achieve this with consistency, we have a commitment to quality.

Our company’s mentality imposes constant improvement to our engineering, design, manufacture, assembling, commissioning and servicing.

We focus on hard work and cooperative spirit in order to improve the performance of our machinery and keep the quality of our solution to the highest level. We do not accept compromises in the quality of the products we deliver.

Our experienced team of professionals can ensure the rapid and gentle handling of your products through the process. The quality of our products lies not only on the technical integrity of our equipment but also on the quality and the consistency of our after sales service.

We recognize the importance of this service, which is why we guarantee that our highly qualified and experienced team of technicians are always available to provide assistance and advice. The short response time and the effectiveness of our technical expertise facilitate our national and international customers to obtain full value from our products.


Individualized & Functional Solutions

The deep understanding of your processing needs, emanating from the intense interface with our customers during the consulting & planning stage, allows us to guarantee that the suggested post-harvest solution is the optimal and meets the individual requirements of each client.

Our consultative approach continues until we deliver a unique solution, engineered, in order to provide high added value of the fresh produce and secure the growth of our customer’s business to full potential. We respect & assimilate the particularities of each region and each market, so we develop targeted project that facilitate our customers to offer market orientated products.

Our solution will help you simplify your work procedures, increase productivity and lead to a significant reduction of processing cost.

Our daily objective is to build high quality machinery and systems thoroughly designed and studied down to the slightest detail. Our customers are the most important source of information during the development of project. This philosophy embraced from each & every employ member of our team, facilitates us to adapt and customize the offered solutions precisely to the user requirements.

We develop optimal processing solutions and economical systems, for our customers, which comply with the safety regulations and meet the capacity and hygiene requirements.

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