The company begun its activity in the Industrial Zone of Patras-Greece, as a small private enterprise in manufacturing and maintenance of machines and equipment for sorting and packing agriculture products.


A milestone year for Novatec, as an important cooperation begun with 2 world leading companies, Unitec that manufactures world-leading electronic sizers for fruits and vegetables and Newtec that manufactures world-leading electronic weighers and packing machines for fruits and vegetables.


The Company starts its first exports of complete sorting and packing lines, in surrounding countries of Europe and Middle East


Establishment and consolidation of the company with its modern form as “NOVATEC s.a.” New exclusive partnerships and co-operations with several leading European companies, specialized in sorting and packing equipment for fruits and vegetables, as well as in automatic palletizing, etc.


The company transferred at the current owned premises, in the Industrial Zone of Patras-Greece, in a space of 5000 m2, of which 2000 m2 is the production area, while administrative offices and technical support warehouse are accommodated in a space of 350 m2.


New Exclusive Partnerships in order to represent our Company in various countries of Europe and Asia.


Further investments in modern metalworking machines, such as 2D and 3D design CAD systems. Also, the company proceeded in the acquisition of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System for design, manufacturing and maintenance of sorting and packaging machines and equipment.


Novatec achieves 20 years of consequence and dynamic presence in the fruits and vegetables sector. 20 years of success shared with clients.


New cooperation has begun with Unisorting, a company specialized in manufacturing sorting and packing lines for apples, and with BrimaPack, one of the world’s leading manufacturer for vegetable packaging solutions.


Novatec is a dynamic company, which is considered as the major exporting Greek company in sorting and packaging equipment, in several countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East.