Apples Counting Machine

Our Apple's Counting Machine produce a simple and fast numeric-based packaging

Technical Description

Automatic apples counting machine Mod. COM-300A, specifically designed for apples, pears and other sensitive products. The products are transported without rotation on chain elevator, specially designed with soft rubber fingers, with adjustable spacing, depending on the diameter of fruit.

Technical features:

  • Automatic counting of fruits and automatic restart of the machine every time a bag is closing
  • Machine feeding hopper, up to 20 Kg, coated with soft rubber foam material, for smooth feeding of the unit
  • Electrical control panel with PLC and touch screen, for easy programming of the machine.
  • Counting mode with photocell
  • Semi-automatic bag closing unit Mod. SA-Tape.
  • The empty bags package is placed in a special bench. The bags are opened automatically with air flow system and they are filled with products directly from the counting machine. Then the bags are closed on top manually, with an adhesive tape, from a manual tape machine mounted on the bench.
  • Capacity: about 10 bag per minute, of 8 to 10 fruits each bag (the capacity depends on product and operator).
  • Total Power: 0,5 kW, 230V/50Hz, single phase, with adjustable speed.


Length: 4.200 mm

Width: 600 mm

Height: 1000 mm