Barrel Washer

Novatec’s Barrel Washer gently and effectively washes fresh products while removing soil and small stones.

Technical Description

The Barrel Washing Machine is used for the effective and gentle washing of vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. It is ideal for cleaning the product and removing soil and small stones. 

Technical features:

  • Metal structure which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish
  • Perforated rotating drum, apertures secure the gentle washing of your products
  • Agitation bars/flights inside the drum for optimal cleaning result and products forwarding
  • V-belt drive ensure quiet and smooth operation
  • Water supply through a series of nozzles inside the drum
  • Mechanically adjustable gate allows the operator to control the washing time and the product flow
  • Water collecting tanks on the bottom of the drum with the necessary valves
  • Easy access side panels for greasing and maintenance
  • Main drive by means of proper gear motor and electronic speed variation (Inverter)
  • Optional: Fully stainless steel construction
  • Optional: Pintle rubber in the drum for higher agitation and better cleaning result
  • Optional: Brush on the drum for higher agitation and move, effective cleaning of the product especially when the soil is heavy
  • Optional: Recirculation system for water used in the drum and a set of filters to retain heavy soil and dirt
Model Max Capacity Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
NOVADRUM-300 2-3 Ton/Hour* 3000 mm 800 mm
NOVADRUM-400 4-6 Ton/Hour* 4000 mm 1000 mm
NOVADRUM-500 7-10 Ton/Hour* 5000 mm 1000 mm

*The higher value goes for potatoes (4, 6, 8 Ton/Hour)