Bins/Box Tipper Soft_Rov_150

Our Bins/Box Tipper Soft is suitable for tipping sensitive products.

Technical Description

SOFT_ROV 150 Soft is ideal for tipping Bins and Pallet Boxes, with sensitive products such as apples, kiwi, peaches, apricots, citrus, peppers etc. The simple, flexible and reliable construction of the machine can ensure the best handling of your product.

Technical Features:

  • Metal structure which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish 
  • Special mechanism of sealing the bins with a special belt, that gradually opens when the tipping process is completed.
  • Rotating cylindrical brush on machine hopper for smooth feeding of next machine
  • Operation with photocell and/or timer for control of products flow
  • Manual and automatic control of machine
  • Electric board with automation and machine controlled through PLC
  • Gentle Handling: The gradual unloading guarantees the best possible handling of your products
  • Versatility: Suitable for different type of Bins and Boxes
  • Economical: Low purchasing cost and minimum maintenance cost. Safe and Efficient Operation
Capacity Electric Power Bins Dimensions (min) Bins Dimensions (max) Unloading Height (min)
Up to 30 Bin/Hour 4 Kw

L = 1000 mm

W = 1000 mm

H = 450 mm

L = 1220 mm

W = 1220 mm

H = 760 mm

1.250 mm