Carrots Weighing & Packing System

Newtec manufactures industry leading, high-quality weighing, packing and sorting machinery.

Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. With more than 15,000 successful installations over the last 40 years, they have maintained their position as a respected worldwide company. At Newtec, they pride about their ability to design solutions that meet your specific needs by combining existing technologies and machines in new and innovative ways.

Newtec has a reputation for designing and building high-quality, high-performance machines that customers can trust. They focus on building successful long-term relationships with customers. Understanding your business and the potential challenges it faces is a critical step in order to deliver solutions that make an impactful difference.

Newtec work with a goal to develop, manufacture and market innovative, high-quality weighing, packing and sorting equipment for the food industry. Newtec is an international company with a cross-cultural work environment. At Newtec, they have an open, informal work environment and are known for being straightforward and open minded. They value team spirit, innovation and a dedicated approach to setting goals and adding value to customer solutions.

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