Novatec's Polisher improves the appearance of fresh vegetables and their life expectancy on the shelves.

Technical Description

The Nova_Veg Polisher is an effective vegetable, polishing system, suitable for washing and polishing of various products including potatoes, carrots, beetroot etc. The machine can considerably improve the appearance of your fresh vegetables, resulting in a percentage of premium product packed and increased presence on retailer’s shelves. Novatec can ensure that your vegetables are washed and polished in a very effective way, so that they can meet the highest retailing standards.

Technical Features:

  • Metal structure which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish
  • Heavy duty construction for lifetime operation and low cost maintenance
  • Half circle roller bed composed of eight (8) rotating brushes
  • Rocking motion of the roller bed controlled through electronic speed variation (Inverter)
  • Rotating of the brushes composing the roller bed, through electronic speed variation (Inverter)
  • Hardness of the brushes varies based on the product and the required result (Novatec engineering team will advise the proper hardness for your produce)
  • Mechanically adjustable gate allows the operator to control the Washing/Polishing time and the product flow
  • Easy access to the roller bed for cleaning the brushes
  • Simple maintenance procedure, quick replace of the roller/brushes
  • Plastic covers on the top of the machine
  • Water supply through a series of nozzles inside the roller bed
  • Water collecting tank on the bottom of the machine with necessary valves 
  • Recirculation System for the water used in the roller bed with the proper filter to retain heavy soil and dirt (Optional Excluded)
  • Water Proof Electric Panel
  • Effective Cleaning/ Polishing rocking motion for thoroughly cleaning the surface of the products
  • User Friendly Operation 
  • Versatility: Suitable for various vegetables like potatoes, beetroots, carrots etc
  • Economical: Low purchasing cost and minimum maintenance cost
  • Electrical Power: 15 Kw

Machine Dimensions:

Length 4.000 mm approx. 

Width 1.800 mm approx.

Product Light Soil Heavy Soil
Carrots 3-5 Tons/Hour 2-4 Tons/Hour
Potatoes 8-10 Tons/Hour 6-8 Tons/Hour