Table Grapes Processing Line

Our Processing & Packing Line For Table Grapes enables a better,faster and more automated treatment for your products.

Technical Description

Processing & Packing Line For Table Grapes (Selection, Weighing & Standardization)

Technical Features:

  • The main frame of the line is constructed of metal structure, which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish with internal parts in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Feeding Elevator For Full Field Crates, consisted of a grained PVC conveyor belt and adjustable supports for guiding the full crates to the processing line
  • Roller Conveyor for Full Field Crates, composed of special type PVC rollers, with bearings in both edges for noiseless operation
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Working Bench, across both sides of the line
  • Each working place has a space where the worker can place punnets, bags, empty carton boxes and the weighing scales
  • Series of Auxiliary Working Tables, across both sides of the line
  • Bookstand for Full Field Crates Support, placed in an inclined position
  • Weighing Scales, in each working place, with a range of up to 15 kg / 5 gr 
  • Inclined Supports for Full Boxes, placed on the top of each weigher
  • Carton Boxes Conveyor Belt, for accumulating the full carton boxes
  • Idle Roller Conveyor for Accumulation of Full Carton Boxes
  • Waste Conveyor Belts, placed under the working bench of each line, one on each side of the main frame
  • Waste Elevator, which leads the products to an empty Pallet Box
  • Empty Crate Chain Conveyors, placed under the working bench, one on each side of the main frame
  • Free Roller Conveyors for Feeding Empty Carton Boxes, one on each side of the main frame, for the easy feeding Empty Carton Boxes
  • Main Electric Board for Operating & Control of the Line

Model-Working Places

Width Length Height
6+6 4.250 mm 11.550 mm 1.700 mm
9+9 4.250 mm 14.650 mm 1.700 mm
12+12 4.250 mm 17.650 mm 1.700 mm
15+15 4.250 mm 20.750 mm 1.700 mm