Twin Head Lift Platform Big-Bag Filler LP 200

Our Twin Head Lift Platform Big-Bag Filler is suitable for filling Big-Bags gently. It is the fastest way to fill Big-Bags.

Technical Description

The machine is suitable for filling various size of Big - Bag (Jumbo Bags) and Pallet Boxes (Bins), in an automatic mode. Suitable for products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and other hard root vegetables for filling sacks, bags and pallet box with sorted and cleaned products, helping in quick and easy packaging and storage in cold rooms or in their transport. The filling of bags or boxes is achieved in a very gentle & smooth way by preventing products hitting, through a lifting platform, controlled by photocell sensors.

The bag is supported on the four corner hooks. The lifting platform is rising near to the cross conveyor, a sensor starts the feed, as the bag is filled the lifting platform goes down and when the bag is full the lifting platform stops in the lower position.

Technical Features:

  • Metal structure which has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish
  • Food grade Cross Conveyor Belt (horizontal), endless belt, with reversible motion  
  • Main drive by means of proper gear motor for the Cross Conveyor
  • Lifting platforms mounted on both sides of the machine
  • Two (2) PVC conveyor belts for the lifting of the platforms
  • Two (2) series of pulleys for the wind and rewind of the lifting conveyor belt
  • Two (2) main drive by means of proper gear motors for the Lifting System
  • Two (2) special type sensors for controlling the filling rate, placed in the end of each lifting platform. As the bag or box is filled the sensor reacts and activates the step by step descent of the platform system. When the box or the bag is full, the horizontal belt reverses motion in order to fill the other side bag placed on the platform.
  • Series of Photocell sensors for detecting weather the next empty Bag or Box is places on the correct position. If no box or bag is placed the machine stops until the next empty box or bag is placed
  • Electric control panel of the machine, with PLC control system
  • Automatic and manual operation mode
  • Optional: Two (2) Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Capacity: Up to 30 Tons / Hour


Length: 4.000 mm approx.

Width: 1.500 mm approx.

Height: 3.200 mm approx.