Crate/Box Washing Machine

Our new Crate/Box Washing Machine, is an innovative solution to wash and clean your crates or boxes rapidly.

Technical Description

The Box Washing Machine is a machine designed for washing different types of Plastic Boxes by spraying water with pressure and if necessary, by applying any kind of chemical for additional cleaning and disinfection. The chemical is placed in the water and it is applied to the Boxes through the water spraying nozzles.

Technical Features:

  • Metal structure has been properly welded and treated in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Washing / Water Spraying Tunnel in Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Special type, stainless steel chain with stainless steel supports mounted on the chain for pushing the boxes forward
  • Stainless steel gears and bearings (waterproof)
  • Adjustable guides, for different types of boxes
  • Water collection tank in Stainless Steel AISI 304, with cleaning fixes filters for preventing foreign material to reach the pump
  • Motorized pump for water recirculation 
  • Five (5) series of high pressure water spraying nozzles
  • Waterproof doors and drains for cleaning the inside parts of the Washing / Water Spraying Tunnel
  • Four (4) easily dismantled side covers in stainless steel for easy access on the inside parts of the machine for cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustable speed main drive by means of gear motor with electronic speed variation (Inverter), placed on the electric board of the machine
  • Waterproof Electric Board for the operation and the control of the Machine

Capacity: Up to 500 boxes per hour

Depending on boxes functional status and boxes dimensions.