Unitec. Unique

From designing the technology through to after-sales assistance, Unitec work in partnership with their clients to offer reliable and effective technological solutions for the various processing stages of fresh fruit and vegetables, from dumping and sorting through to packing.


Ever since producing its first sorter back in 1924, Unitec have never lost sight of it sole objective: to help their clients grow their business by improving the quality of their work.

To this end, a close-knit team of Unitec professionals works to develop cutting-edge technologies conceived, designed and made “to measure”, responding to the specific requirements of every client and every type of fruit & vegetable handled by them.

Unitec guarantees the utmost dedication and professionalism at every stage of the production chain, through to after-sales assistance managed with reliability, promptness and efficiency and delivered on-site at customer premises by Unitec’s team of highly qualified technicians.

Increased competitiveness, reduced costs and enhanced processing quality are just some of the benefits Unitec is able to offer those who decide to share their goals of growth and development with them.

At Unitec they have just one goal, which they work towards every day,
to give their clients, all over the world, solid results.

Unitec does this with a combination of excellent value-added tools, which can generate tangible success through the encounter with their company.

Unitec Service is state-of-the-art. Just as Unitec’s corporate philosophy demands and as Unitec’s clients deserve. Wherever they are.

The professional, specialist Team that Unitec provides for its clients can resolve any electrical, electronic, mechanical or software compatibility issues that may arise, anywhere in its installations.

Some of the Values that they follow are: Expertise, Listening, Reliability, Efficiency, Innovation, Always & Anywhere for their customers.

More information about Unitec can be found on their website: https://en.unitec-group.com/