At Novatec, offering support and after-sales service to our customers is one of the most important value that we follow.

We believe that support, does not end at the mechanical section or the after-sales service, but it continues to any decision that our client have to take in order to grow his company. We are here to help in any way we are able to.

At Novatec, we devote time to understand the needs, the business procedures & structure, the unique characteristics of the fresh products and the physical constrains of the territory of our existing or potential clients. Our skilled and motivated team will help you from the kick start of your company, until the after-sales service.

During the consulting & planning stage, Novatec is able to guide the customer though tough decisions, as well as offering the best possible and functional solution, though deep understanding of the needs of the client.

Our consultative approach continues until we deliver a unique solution, engineered, in order to provide high added value of the fresh produce and secure the growth of our customer’s business to full potential.


After-Sales Service

At Novatec, strong customer relationships are of highly significance. We want to ensure our clients get the best from our solutions. Our After-Sales Support team is always available to answer your questions in a professional and personal way.

Our After-Sales Service is structured so that we can secure effectiveness and short response times. A high qualified team of technicians is always available to our customers, to offer assistance and guidance, so that your investment is secure. 

Today, tomorrow and in the future.


Spare Parts

At Novatec we realize that our customers work in a highly competitive market where delayed equipment can be costly. For this reason, our Spare Parts Team will ensure that the most common spare parts are always available in our factory, and ready for shipment.