Processing Lines


At Novatec, we are proud that we are capable of offering full line solutions to our customers. We can offer a full range of sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, bagging line for fruit and vegetable. 

Each line is designed carefully in order to provide a game-changing solution. We do not only think of each machine individually, but we look at it as a complete solution that will allow our customer to become more competitive in the market.

Some examples of our Processing Lines can be found below. Else way, you can contact Novatec Engineering Team to discuss any other enquiries you may have.



Engineering is Elementary

The foundation of our organization is based on the Engineering & Manufacturing of high-quality machinery and systems, in order to improve and extend the business of our clients.

Our daily objective is to come up with the ideal concept and offer always the most functional, intelligent and efficient solution for each and every project we are involved. 

Novatec provides robust, adaptable and effective post-harvest solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will serve the needs of our clients in the best possible way.


Individualized & Functional Solutions

The deep understanding of your processing needs, emanating from the intense interface with our customers during the consulting & planning stage, allows us to guarantee that the suggested post-harvest solution is the optimal and meets the individual requirements of each client.

We respect & assimilate the particularities of each region and each market, so we develop targeted project that facilitate our customers to offer market orientated products.

Our solution will help you simplify your work procedures, increase productivity and lead to a significant reduction of processing cost.

We develop optimal processing solutions for our customers, which comply with the safety regulations and meet the capacity and hygiene requirements.

Processing Lines - Novatec SA