Daumar Automatic Welding Machine

The Daumar Automatic Welding Machine makes the exclusive D-Pack, giving a premium look and a comfortable way of picking up the bag.

 Technical Description

The Daumar CB–148 automatic welding machine for D-Pack bags. The CB-148 makes the exclusive D-Pack, the most elegant stand – up net bag for fresh produce. The D-Pack’s presentation and carry handle offer the consumer a premium look and comfortable way of picking up the bag.

Technical Features:

  • High-Productivity, up to 32 bags per minute
  • Makes D-PACK & DAUSAC bags from 0.5Kg (1 LBS) up to 5 Kg (10 LBS)
  • Remote Maintenance via Ethernet Connection
  • The CB-148 incorporates a colour LCD touch-screen with intuitive software. It also allows for easy remote diagnostics via a built-in Ethernet port
  • The CB-148 is built on a horizontal frame, allowing for maximum production and gentle handling
  • Delicate produce handling due to horizontal design
  • Beautifully finished bag, strong and stable
  • Carry handle or finger bag, strong and stable
  • Film widths from 75mm to 158mm wide
  • Two labelling options: 
  • Direct thermal transfer
  • Thermo-adhesive sticker
  • Attractive product presentation
  • Great advertising area
  • Ready for connection with knitted net or extruded net
  • Capacity 250 gr to 5 Kg
  • Simplicity
  • Versatility
  • Maximum Autonomy