Feeding Hopper

Novatec's Feeding Hopper provides an even flow of products to your line. It can be also used as a buffer.

Technical Description

The Feeding Hopper is designed to evenly feed the processing line with products. It can also store the products as a buffer. The simple and low in height design, allows the hopper to be fed by trailers, box tippers and big bags. The flow of the product is always even and the speed of the machine can be adjusted from the gear motor.

Technical features:

  • The metal structure has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish
  • Receiving hopper covered with soft plastic material, for soft handling of product
  • Special type belt for heavy loads transportation (Pirelli type)
  • Series of idle roller to support the belt and ease the transport of the product
  • Adjustable speed main drive through proper motor reducer and mechanical speed variation


Can Handle:
Category: Infeed Hoppers
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